Manage payments easier.

Manage payments easier.

Our all-in-one payment management system gets you paid faster, no matter the payment method. After all, getting paid should be the easiest thing you do for your business.

Simplify payments.

Sage Exchange enables you to accept and process multiple forms of payment or sell in multiple places with ease. Best of all, there's no cost with your Sage Payment Solutions merchant account.

  • Improve payment control. Access and manage all the payment types you offer customers, all in one place.
  • Increase revenue. Increase the times where and when customers can buy (online, store, phone, mobile).
  • Save time and effort by eliminating redundancy. Consolidate all payment types and locations onto a single screen with a single sign-on. Connect payments with your back office, too.
  • Gain visibility. Get a real-time view of cash flow across all the places you sell and types of payment you accept.

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Watch Sage Exchange in action

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It's time to uncomplicate payments.

With Sage Exchange setting up shop is easy

Ready for business

Start taking payments in minutes with frictionless setup. Plus directly connect into your accounting or ERP Software

Start taking payments in minutes

Flexible payment options

It's never been easier to give customers the payment options they want. Sage Exchange enables you to manage multiple payment types across all the places you sell.

It's easy to set up

All in one place

See and control your entire world of payments from a single screen. Gain a centralized view of all payments across all the places you sell. Know the minute your doorbuster sale becomes a smashing success.

Redefine simplicity with Sage Exchange.

Single sign-on

Access your entire world of payments in one place with one username and password from a single screen.

Mobile access

Offer practically any type of payment everywhere your customers want to buy.

Cash flow at a glance

With a payments dashboard, find out what's happening real-time across all locations you sell.

Multiple types of payments

Connect payments to your accounting or ERP software and save time.

Secure Payment Processing:

Thwart fraudsters with PCI-compliant security and encrypted credit card processing.

Back-office synchronization

Autosync payments to your accounting or ERP to save loads of time and effort. No IT involvement required.

Happy customers

"Now, with Sage Exchange, everything is resolved under one umbrella, which saves us a lot of time and is huge for our small but rapidly growing company."
Steve Brown
Founder, Zephyr Hardware
"Sage Exchange allows us to combine our 20 merchant IDs (MIDs) into one place [and] I can easily go from the dashboard to the virtual terminal and do all the batch reporting in one place."
Crystal Lowrance
Accounting Manager, Scottco

Frequently asked questions

What is Sage Exchange?
Sage Exchange is the simple, all-in-one payment management system. It allows you to manage your entire world of payments from a single screen, with a single sign-on. Plus, set up shop everywhere your customers are. Sync to your back office with drag-and-drop simplicity. And see revenue add up in real time.
Why is it important to me?
Some of the key reasons a small or midsized business would be interested in Sage Exchange are because, directly or indirectly, it helps: simplify management of multiple payment types, increase sales revenue with more payment options, save time and effort through payment consolidation, enhance cash flow visibility, and eliminate redundant tasks.
What makes Sage Exchange different?
Sage Exchange is a true business solution. It goes well beyond basic merchant services. You can do awesome things like see all payments add up across all the places you sell, as it’s happening. Plus, integrate payments with your ERP or accounting solution. Add new payment options quickly. And control everything from a single screen.
How much does Sage Exchange cost?
All Sage Payment Solutions customers have access to Sage Exchange at no cost.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple. Once you sign up with Sage Payment Solutions you will receive an administrator logon to access your Sage Exchange account. From here you can give more users access to Sage Exchange.
What types of payments can I manage with Sage Exchange?
Sage Exchange is your simple, all-in-one payment management system. You can control and manage all of your payment accounts from Sage using Sage Exchange. This includes everything from credit card processing to accounting and ERP solutions. You name it, we integrate it.
Is Sage Exchange accessible on mobile devices?
Sage Exchange was designed to be compatible with tablet-based browsers as well as standard desktop browsers.
What accounting and ERP products does Sage Exchange sync with?
Currently Sage Exchange supports autosync with Sage One, Sage—50 U.S. Edition, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 Online, and Intuit QuickBooks.
What kind of reporting is available in Sage Exchange?
Real-time reporting is available for all Sage Payment Solution accounts on the Payment Management dashboard. In addition, standard reporting with support for multiple accounts and monthly merchant account statements can be found on Sage Exchange.

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